Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning is especially useful for those of us who do not like dust on everything. The reason that dust accumulates on ceiling fans and other furniture is that the air ducts in the home are dirty. Poor quality air filters in the return (where the air sucks into the system) is usually the culprit. Once the dust gets into the system, it spreadsu00a0 throughout the ducts, and as a result, blows the dust out the registers and into the rest of our home.

Dryer box

In-wall dryer connection protects transition hose neatly in the wall.

Recessed Dryer Receptacle
Recessing exhaust connections in the wall keeps transition hose safe. The risk a dryer will crush the hose by vibrating back against the wallu2014and the fire hazard this immediately createsu2014is eliminated.

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