Activated Carbon Matrix

Our indoor environment is filled with odors day and night! Some smell good, others smell nasty and some of these odors, even pleasant-smelling odors are harmful to our health.

Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, Odors and other contaminants that are in a gas phase surround us every day. Air borne pollutants come from many sources including cooking, cleaning products, personal care products and dry cleaning. They come from building materials, furniture, our carpets, and even our hobbies can off-gas many toxic compounds into the air we breathe most, the air inside our homes and workplaces.

“Of 120 homes tested for 89 separate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), 100% of them had levels that exceeded safe standards.” – Harvard School of Public Health (report from 2003)

For decades, activated carbon filtration systems have been used to remove harmful odors and chemical gases through a process called adsorption or the deposition of a gas on solid. Because of its molecular structure, Carbon is an excellent natural adsorber. Hospitals, museums, and clean manufacturing facilities rely on activated carbon to capture contaminants.

The most widely used commercial carbon filtration systems consist of 1”-2” deep trays filled with carbon pellets. Large arrays of them are typically used and air handling systems must have special powerful fans to overcome very high resistance to airflow. And because carbon pellet systems can shed carbon dust, downstream filters become necessary which can further restrict airflow, making high-impact carbon systems impractical for use in residential applications. Today, through developments using advanced composites and extrusion technologies, the effectiveness of industrial strength activated carbon is available for your home. 

The unique, revolutionary design of our ACM-3 Activated Carbon Matrix module utilizes an activated carbon/ceramic honeycomb matrix that features unrestrictive air channels to provide a pathway for air to flow with low resistance. Because the carbon and ceramic are baked for 24 hours at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, they are tightly bound together, eliminating dust shedding and the need for downstream filters. 


Long Lasting Performance:

The ACM-3 Activated Carbon Matrix module provides over four pounds of activated carbon. That is important because it maintains effectiveness for up to two years. The longevity and effectiveness are functions of weight and dwell time. More weight means more capacity for odor removal and a longer service life. One gram of activated carbon has 10,000 square feet of internal surface area. One pound of activated carbon has a surface area equal to about 125 acres.

Unsurpassed Versatility: 

  • Air can flow in both directions
  • Suitable for high airflow (>500 fpm)
  • Suitable for high temperature – up to 500°F
  • Suitable for damp conditions up to 99% RH
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation