About Us

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can perform many services that your home requires. Some of the services that we offer include air duct cleaning, dryer vent and duct cleaning, installation of dryer ducts and vents, and retrofitting dryer vents with new, zero airflow restriction, dryer roof jacks. Dryer Vent Cleaning: we inspect the dryer vent hose, the dryer duct, the vent either on the roof or on the side of the house. We will determine how to resolve future lint accumulation by our new retrofitting dryer roof jack, dryer sidewall jack, and in-wall dryer box. We guarantee our retrofitting system will eliminate the buildup of lint and guarantee 5+ years before any cleaning is required. For more details about dryer vent cleaning, refer to our pictures and videos. Dryer Roof Jack: we retrofit the existing dryer vent which is located most commonly on the roof. Most vent caps that are used for dryer vents are designed for hot water heaters and bathroom fan ventilation. There is only a narrow opening in the cap, which is not enough room for lint to escape. As a result, there is a huge accumulation of lint which causes a clog in the vent cap. Without the proper air flow, your dryer will experience longer drying times. If you are experiencing these challenges The Duct Cleaning Pros can resolve these issues. For details about the dryer roof jack, refer to our pictures and videos. Air duct cleaning: our new, innovative equipment allows us to enter each air register/return without any damage to the ducts, and without needing access to the attic. We clean your ducts using a 35ft vacuum hose designed with a spinning brush. It removes all dirt, dust, and debris that then flows directly into the vacuum hose. Therefore, it cleans the top, bottom, and sides of the air duct. Want even more clean air in your home? Ask us about our UVC light and electrostatic filters that we offer.

We Proudly Offer

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning / Dryer Duct Services
  • Dryer Roof Jack Installation
  • Electrostatic Air Filter (never replace, clean once a month)
  • Heating and Air Conditioning / HVAC
  • Fence Installation / Fence Repair
  • Gate Installation / Gate Repair
  • UVC technology, purify the air that you breathe, attack airborne bacteria, fungi and mold