Dryer Vent Systems

Dryer-Ells are ten inch radius, smooth interior elbows that reclaim allowable duct length. Based on ASHRAE methodology for calculating friction loss, they can be measured the same as straight pipe. This removes the run length penalty most code requires for every elbow.

Adopted in ICC International Mechanical and Residential Code, Dryer-Ells can be the perfect solution for length-of-run issues. The Dryer-Ell increases dryer efficiency, and–when replacing a restrictive small radius elbow–it can be used as an alternative to expensive booster fans.

Be certain to review the Product Details and Benefits sections to see how the Dryer-Ell will contribute to proper venting efficiency (much more detail in the menus above).

While the Dryer-Ell is a relatively new solution to run-length problems, it is possible that your favorite supplier already has them in stock, ready for your next project. You may find out by checking the Supplier Locator.

If they don’t already carry it, please let them know you would appreciate the convenience of being able to get Dryer-Ells right in your hometown. You can even give them this quick and easy Information Sheet that will make it simple for them to get set up.

Today, you can place the dryer flush to the wall without crushing the exhaust hose or restricting airflow. Install the Dryerbox® for safer, roomier and more efficient homes.

In the past, homeowners had to put up with the inefficient venting of their dryer appliance exhaust due to numerous friction causing bends or kinks in the flex duct hose that connects the dryer to the wall exhaust pipe. Lint build-up and a fire hazard are the unwelcome by-products of these annoying bends. In order to accommodate these flow restrictive bends, the dryer appliance had to be located five to six inches away from the wall, taking away from valuable living area.

Choosing the Dryerbox recessed exhaust receptacle makes for a simpler, cleaner install that truly finishes the laundry right. You’ll protect the exhaust hose neatly in the wall, and you’ll be able to place the dryer flush to the wall without crushing the hose or otherwise restricting airflow. Adding this receptacle makes homes roomier and more efficient. It also makes them safer by reducing the fire hazard associated with dryer venting problems. It’s even UL Classified for a 1-hour wall.