Air Cleaner

Air Cleaner

Introducing our whole-house air treatment system in a box. This add-on IAQ system connects to your existing ductwork and HVAC system to quietly and efficiently addresses all three types of airborne contaminants identified by the US EPA. The ACS-400 Whole House IAQ System works with the central heating and cooling system to provide clean, healthy air throughout the home or office using the latest proven air purification technologies.

Activated Carbon Matrix

The Activated Carbon Matrix (ACM-3) brings the power of industrial strength activated carbon to your home. The ACM uses advanced composites and extrusion technologies to provide the effectiveness of an industrial strength activated carbon system. ACM-3 is suitable for high airflow, high temperatures, and high humidity.

Polarized Media Electronic Air Cleaner

The Polarized Media Electronic Air Cleaner is 97% efficient at .3 microns and smaller, providing excellent, ultra-efficient particulate removal. The Polarized Media Air Cleaner removes dangerous submicron particles and other contaminants. Unlike typical filters, these electronic filters use a safe 24-volt current trapping particles much smaller in size including bacteria, odors, viruses and smoke.

SA-2 UVC Germicidal Lamps

UVC efficiency corresponds directly to lamp microwatt output. SA-2 UVC systems offer 180 microwatts and a dual lamp configuration for one of the highest outputs of all UVC systems available today.