Dryer Wall Termination

The Defender is the perfect choice to help keep out birds and squirrels. While allowing free-flowing air movement, its patented design effectively blocks intrusion by using a system of bars instead of a screen under the hood. While the DryerWallVent is the designer’s pick for most venting terminations, there are numerous applications for The Defender. Some of these include harsh weather conditions, deterring animal intrusion and where housing dictates a certain type of venting hood.

High-Performance Low-Profile Termination

Low profile and clean lines help enhance exterior beauty. With a heavy gauge Galvanized and powder-coated steel body, the DryerWallVent is made to last.

Engineered for a quick, perfect fit in both retrofit and new construction, total replacement time can be as low as four minutes.

The lightweight Galvalume® damper and clean opening maximize efficiency and exceed all code requirements. Less airflow restriction helps save on energy bills, and drying time.

  • Lightweight Damper Reduces Airflow Restriction
  • Integrated Magnets Deter Bird and Rodent Intrusion
  • Damper Easily Accommodates Cleaning Equipment
  • Gravity-Assist Damper Provides Extra Protection

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