Dryer Wall Vent

High-Performance Low-Profile Termination

Well-built Aesthetics

Low profile and clean lines help enhance exterior beauty. With a heavy gauge Galvanized and powder-coated steel body, the DryerWallVent is made to last.

Ease of Installation

Engineered for a quick, perfect fit in both retrofit and new construction, total replacement time can be as low as four minutes.

Airflow Efficiency

The lightweight Galvalume® damper and clean opening maximize efficiency and exceed all code requirements. Less airflow restriction helps save on energy bills, and drying time.

Efficient, Low Profile Termination

  • Lightweight Damper Reduces Airflow Restriction
  • Integrated Magnets Deter Bird and Rodent Intrusion
  • Damper Easily Accommodates Cleaning Equipment
  • Gravity-Assist Damper Provides Extra Protection

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