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Dryer Roof Jack

In the Greater Sacramento Area, many builders use the same vent termination for all types of vents. But what comes out of a bathroom fan or water heater vent isn’t the same as a dryer vent. Even the newest dryer allows some lint past the filter screen. This lint builds up in the dryer vent system.

Friction from both the vent termination and the lint buildup causes a reduction in air velocity which promotes even more lint buildup. This causes your dryer to work harder and run longer to dry each load. Warning! Dryer Lint is highly flammable. That’s why the U.S. Fire Administration recommends that you clean lint out of the vent pipe every three months.
DryerJack Cutaway

ZERO Air Restrictions

The DryerJack is the first dryer roof vent termination designed to virtually eliminate the back pressure. Many common roof terminations used in our area have an airflow reduction of 0.35 to 0.45. By comparison the DryerJack has less than 0.00 airflow reduction!

This cutaway view shows why the new low profile DryerJack 466 is so efficient. In fact studies show that this vent termination affects airflow by less than .01 water column inches of pressure. When the dryer is on, the internal flap opens fully, reducing the loss of air velocity. When the dryer is off, the flap closes to prevent rain, birds, squirrels, etc. from entering your dryer vent and ducting.
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